Freestyle Seminar

On January 13th and 14th Central Carolina Poodle Club held a freestyle seminar taught by Peggy Singletary. Vickie Haywood submitted the following report and photos.

The Freestyle Seminar with Peggy singletary was a lot of fun and very informative for the 25 or so people and dogs who attended.We learned so much about having a tool box of behaviors to use when making a dance routine, putting those behaviors together with tricks and basic movement exercises like position heeling on all sides front and back. We also learned about music and how to pick music that suits the dog and how to break the music down into parts to practice. There were a lot of talented dogs present and people ages 15 to 80 something!!! We even had Ben the Katrina rescue!

Peggy and Porter doing curtsy.

Peggy and Cameron doing roll with a clicker.

Christina and Clifford doing the circus dog walk.

More freestyle photos