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Colleen Wilson certainly gave us something to brag about - sorely needed for the dismal 2020.   A hearty congratulations to Colleen who finished her mini Wilder in Tenn 09/10/2020 with a crossover Major off the girl entry; he needed three singles and got a three point best of winners major.  Per club president, Vickie Haywood, "She  has decided to stay and play!!   So VERY proud of our newest member!"

                wilder1     wilder1      wilder2

Beth White reports 2/17/20: 

white_poos_vaWe had a wonderful time at the Virginia Horse Center, a sprawling equine facility with acres of open area for walking. The area was well heated in the stands and nice and cool on the arena floor - fantastic, somewhat sandy surface.

  • Nina was her reliable self with a Q ON EVERY RUN 9/9.

  • Vandy gave me a glimpse of what she going to be capable of Q-ing 6/9 (incredible for her) including her second QQ and her first premier Q - all first places. 

  • Both girls triple Qed on Friday!

Colleen Wilson reports 1/26/2020:

My 9 month old Wilder at Charleston Kennel Club (SC) on Saturday 1/25 took a BOW and his first major (4 points). He got the crossover on a large group.  Then on Sunday 1/26, he took BOV for another 4 point major.


vandy bragBeth White reports on 1/17/2020:

My two year old Vandy achieved her first agility double Q at the Monroe County Kennel Club agility trial in Sanford on January 17.

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