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he beginning of the Central Carolina Poodle Club happened over coffee and doughnuts at Granny's in Southern Pines.  A group of poodlers, Alice Baxter, Barbara Scheid, Marjorie Hall and Vickie Haywood, met every Wednesday night for training class and the table talk was always poodles and shows and club work.  One night we all agreed, wouldn't it be great if we had a poodle club?  A few phone calls later, one to Caroline Hair, and a magical list of prospective members grew into an invitation to lunch at the Sheraton Inn in Southern Pines in August of 1987.  Thirty-five people attended and became the Charter members of the Carolina Poodle Club.

We had our first Poodle Day, with Rick Koester, an AKC Judge, and former Handler and breeder. Rick covered topics such as movement, structure, type, temperment, and then hands on scissoring technique and critique of dogs of all sizes.  There were 50 people in attendance from 4 states.  The next day we held our first fun match with Josanne Larsen judging breed and J. Bruce Chappell doing the honors in obedience.  The entry was huge: about 50 dogs participated.

 After this stellar preformance, the rest is truly history, gaining "B" status in record time, and then on to "A" status again in record time.  Many many hours of hard work keeping records for AKC, and DAYS at the typewriter putting the proposal together, including a photo essay of the road to final recognition, that, we understand has been passed around at AKC as a model for the ultimate in dedication to record keeping.

 Our historian, Alice Baxter, and wearing another hat, Poodle Tales editor of many years, and a third hat as recording secretary the first 2 years, maintained a photo history of the club which is available at meetings and club functions.

Some special members should be recognized for their dedication, as slaves to the goal of a show giving club:

  • Caroline Hair with her stubborn never give up attitude, who would not let the rest of us give up over hurdles put on our way.

  • Fran Nowell who was Treasurer, whom we lovingly called Mrs. Pinch Penny, who saw to it that our pennies screamed.

  • Alice Baxter, our historian and editor of our newletter Poodle Tales, maintained a photo history of the club.

  • Evelyn Lamb, our resident member of PCA, who also wore many hats, including typist and researcher for the charter.

  • Helen Sokopp who gave much encouragement from PCA,

  • Rick Koester, Josanne Larsen, and Bruce Chappell, now deceased, who gave of themselves, and loaned us their reputations that got entries for our events.

  • Dot and Neal Bates who gave a well attended seminar, who also helped our humble beginnings.

  • Doris Cozart who traveled the roughest road to her judging assignment.

History continued:

Our first show at Charlie Rose in Fayetteville N.C. in November 1993 was the scene of blood pressure wrenching ultimate fiasco. Imagine this combination: Breed Judge stuck in an airline strike coming from Dallas to Fayetteville (she arrived at midnight after a horrifying trip), the arrival of the Moss Bow truck which DID NOT contain THE BOX (it is now and forever more called this in capitals) which contained the computer read outs of the entire entry,the judges books, armbands, ribbons and catalogues. And then, our dear friend Bob Slay of the unemotional face shows up who said "only Vickie Haywood would attempt to put on a dog show without THE BOX,and pull it off!  He didn't know we nearly had no judge too!! I vowed to never chair again, but was talked into 2 more years as we decided it couldn't possibly get worse. 

Our goals from the inception were always to be a show giving club and to seek out the novice to guide along the way.  We all mentor newcomers to our breed, to nurture for the future of our beloved poodles.  Our talented dogs are ambassadors for poodles and to all canine fanciers.

Dedicated to...

...  the poodles who were, for they are our foundation;

...  to the poodles who are, for they are our here and now;

...  and the poodles who will be, for they are our future.


Vickie Haywood

Founding President

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