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  2020 LOG


Corrected typos and made changes per ME.  Removed "Log" link from footer.


Moved brags from home page to a new, separate page.  Added link to new brag page in header and footer in template2 (all pages)

Updated change in March meeting.  Corrected spelling of referral.  Changed Butler to Wilding.  Added link to premium.


Our next meeting will be held during our spring show.  Vicki will provide more details when available. 


Updated meeting notice, show detail and added a new brag.  Made note on the awards page that the program was suspended until further notice.


Our next meeting will be in March 8. 11:30 A.M. lunch with meeting at 12:30 P.M..  We will discuss the upcoming specialty show (March 20 and 21 in Raleigh).   Election of officers will be completed at this meeting. 

DUES are being collected by Judy Wilding and are NOW DUE.   

                Meeting Location:   Positano Restaurant, 30 South Church Street C, Asheboro, NC


Our next specialty show will be March 20 and 21 at the Jim Graham Building at the NC State Fairgrounds.  All judging will be indoors.   Details

Image may contain: dogPOODLE BRAGS:
Beth White reports 2/17/20:  We had a wonderful time at the Virginia Horse Center, a sprawling equine facility with acres of open area for walking. The area was well heated in the stands and nice and cool on the arena floor - fantastic, somewhat sandy surface. Nina was her reliable self with a Q ON EVERY RUN 9/9. Vandy gave me a glimpse of what she going to be capable of Q-ing 6/9 (incredible for her) including her second QQ and her first premier Q - all first places.  Both girls triple Qed on Friday!


Updated meeting notice TBD date in March.  Added brag:

Colleen Wilson: My 9 month old Wilder at Charleston Kennel Club (SC) on Saturday 1/25 took a BOW and his first major (4 points). He got the crossover on a large group.  Then Sunday 1/26, we took BOV over a specials and a miyuki for another 4 point major.


Updated template2 and index background to fix mac vs pc color differences.


Updated home page with welcome, three column layout, header link to home page, links for facebook and PCA, meeting date and specifics.  Added date for upcoming specialty show.  Created new page for events and change log.   Added new brag:

vandy bragBeth White's two year old Vandy achieved her first double Q at the Monroe County Kennel Club agility trial in Sanford on January 17.

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