Kiyara Sheza Riot at Jems
CCPC Conformation Poodle of the Year
Owner: Jane "Skip" Smith

Banners New York Explorer CD, NA
CCPC Obedience/Rally Poodle of the Year
Owner: Jan Gray

VIP's Enchanted Sorcerer
CCPC Agility Poodle of the Year
Owner: Kathy Evans

Titles in 2005

Wildgayle Irishilelagh Amberly PR00770405
CD - December 2004
Novice Agility - May 8, 2005
Novice Agility JWW - July 9, 2005
Owner: Stella Maunsell

Amberly Martini With A Twist PP48780001
Novice Agility Preferred - December 2, 2005
Novice Agility Jumper Preferred - October 22, 2005
Open Agility Preferred - November 23, 2005
Owner: Stella Maunsell:

UKC-CD Kaboodle's Electric Silver UDX, RN, CGC---"Electra"
Owner: Susan Schaler

Electra had a wonderful 2005 earning first her UKC-CD with an all breed HIT in February. Then,in September she went on to earn her UDX. Electra actually racked up to 17 UDX legs in 2005 and is just 3 away from her UDX 2. She also earned her RALLY NOVICE at our CCPC trial with a first place and a perfect score of 100. WOW!

UKC-CD All that Jazz UD, RN, CGC ---"Jazz"
Owner: Susan Schaler

" MY 11 YEAR OLD sweetie and NOVICE A dog earned her RALLY NOVICE title at our CCPC in 3 straight shows. I'm so proud of this litttle girl! What a wonderful new world of entertainment,joy and friendship she has introduced me to....and if I do say so myself...if there was any such thing as a BRACE TITLE.....JAZZ and ELECTRA would have earned it a long time ago."

UKC-CD Kaboodle's Electric Silver UDX, RN, CGC---"ELECTRA"

Paradigm Walkn The Wild Side CD JH
Call Name: Walker
Owner: Margaret Fox

CH Banners Classic Forecast CD NA earned her CD.
Call Name: Caster
Owner: Jan Gray

Banners New York Explorer CD NA earned his CD.
Call Name: Hudson
Owner: Jan Gray

Both Caster and Hudson finished their CD's on the same day!

Annwich Avatar da Cameron W-FD-MF
Call Name: Cameron
Earned the World Canine Freestyle Organization Beginners Title in Musical Freestyle in 2005
It is written W-FD MF (W for WCFO - FD means freestyle dog - MF means in Musical Freestyle)
This is the first of four titles offered in Musical Freestyle
Owner: Peggy Singletary

Marandon Easy to Love W-ChFD-MF/HTM
Call Name: Porter
Earned the World Canine Freestyle Organization Advanced Title in Heelwork to Music in 2005. It is written W-ChFD- HTM. (W for WCFO - FD means freestyle dog - Ch means Champion - HTM means Heelwork to Music)
This is the fourth and highest title offered in Heelwork to Music.
Porter is a double Champion. He earned the Championship in Musical Freestyle in 2004.
Owner: Peggy Singletary

Cara Hai Lilith
Rally Novice
Owner: Caroline Hair

Wildgayle Izaak Divine
Call Name: "Zaak"
Rally Novice & Companion Dog
Owner: Diane Divine

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